Alex Reinoso
Creative Director - Art Direction

NYC based multidisciplinary Creative Director. Currently at Spotify’s Global Brand & Creative team. 

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Spotify Premium

For Spotify’s global wrapped film, we put the focus on those who helped us "get through" 2020. We tapped 15 different illustrators, artists and animators to create this animated spot. 
Spotify Premium

Duo is a new product designed for audio-loving pairs living at the same address. Each individual gets their own Premium account under one plan for $12.99. For the global launch, we decided to interview real-life couples about the pain points of sharing one account. We then took that audio and built custom-made puppets to act it out.
Mid Year 
Spotify Premium

For a limited time only, Spotify decided to offer any of its premium plans FREE for three months. We though this was something worth dancing about so we created a TVC that showcased some very good, very awkward dance moves. This was Spotify’s first commercial to ever run on Network TV.
2019 - 2018

In collaboration with SATURDAY MORNING, we launched BLACK HISTORY IS HAPPENING NOW—a campaign to extend Black History Month from the shortest month of the year to the entire year.